Chocolate Chip Charities
...make a sweet donation


It has been my sincere pleasure to have used Chocolate Chip Charities on several occasions.  Not only can you enjoy great tasting cookies, but you can do so guilt-free.  All of the proceeds from CCC are donated to your charity of choice.  I am happy to say that because of my fondness of chocolate chip cookies, the American Cancer Society has benefited significantly.  Not to mention, these cookies are by far better than any store-bought cookies you can find in any market, anywhere.  It is a wonderful, selfless thing that Frances is doing, and I would highly recommend Chocolate Chip Cookies to ANYONE.                  - D.M. 2009

Chocolate Chip Charities is a delicious innovation!  This recipe combines the sweet thoughtfulness of a gift with a generous helping of contribution that leave a lasting flavor of goodness in your heart.  The cookies are fresh and tasty, the ordering is easy and I was able to thank my clients and support my favorite charity this year.  They even take care of the shipping if you don't want the pleasure of handing the gift out personally, which will come in handy for my next order!                                   - D. V. 2009

Tastes like home...     - I. O. 2009

The blend of natural ingredients in these cookies make them far better than anything I’ve bought at a grocery store.  Plus, after learning that the proceeds benefit a great cause, this fantastic treat is hard to pass up! -D.M. 2010

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